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Help people in risky situations by sending automatic alerts

Help people in risky situations by sending automatic alerts

Protect the most important people to you!

In risky situations, use our app to send alerts to all of those who care about you.

What if you can't access freely your mobile? Well, don't worry about that because, we have made 10 different kinds of alerts, being some of them hands-free!

How about asking for help just saying "Somebody help me!" ? This feature is available in the speech alert and we still have many more!

Use VIP's Guardian to take care of your children by using the parental control features.

Make checkin on Facebook automatically!

You can also check if your kid is really grounded at your house by combining the condition alert with the geofence alert!

These are just some of our features!

Download it to see much more!

VIP's Guardian also has:

-Blocking calls and SMS features

-Speech Synthesis

-Automatic Photos (may be posted on facebook or sent by e-mail)

Important: this app has been tested successfully on Samsung devices

The VIP's Guardian is a free complete solution which provides 10 kinds alerts being the simplest one an emergency button and the most complex a speech recognition alert.

VIPs Guardian


VIPs Guardian Beta